Features and Benefits

Value – WorkSmart Revolution™ mobile DIY database app does a lot for you

  • Quickly and easily fill the gaps – the shortcomings – in your current solutions and enterprise software
  • Access your data anytime, anywhere, no matter what. Cloud AND mobile:
    • True Mobile™ feature – always have your data with you with or without an Internet connection
    • Secure cloud – a lost or destroyed mobile device no longer means losing all your data
  • Improve collaboration – not just a personal productivity tool, it’s easy to share the apps you create to collaborate with your team and others
  • No more adjusting how you work to fit the software – DIY design let’s you customize your apps just how you want each one without extraneous clutter
    • Easy to modify the info you want to capture – you might not appreciate this benefit until your needs change and you have to change your app’s configuration
    • Flexibility enhances how you want to work – add information based on how you need to work, e.g. keyboard, handwriting, voice, camera, Excel import, and file upload
  • Spend your time on your higher-level tasks – easy and user-friendly & intuitive for very quick learning curves. Tutorials, if you need them, make building your own app even easier.
  • No one is left out of the information loop – automatic syncing between all users and all their devices with the WorkSmart Revolution app
  • Work with your data outside of WorkSmart Revolution – easy Excel export/import
  • Easily generate reports and Word documents from your data
  • Improve your data reliability and integrity – How reliable is the data in your shared spreadsheet or someone’s sticky notes all over the place? Never lose data and improve the organization of your information. Plus, we provide a full audit trail.
  • Work up to your speed – No more waiting around all the time for slow or intermittent internet connection speeds. WorkSmart Revolution runs at the super-fast speeds of today’s mobile devices.